CD/DVD Burning

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CD/DVD Burning

If you are using the latest versions of the KDE or GNOME desktop environment, you can perform CD burning by first placing a blank disk in the drive. Wait a few seconds and a file manager window should appear. Follow the instructions on the screen to continue.

You can burn ISO CD images by right-clicking on the image file and choosing "Write to CD".

Windows/Mac applications

A user that wants to try Linux for the first time may need to download an ISO file for a single-CD Distribution such as Knoppix and burn the ISO file to CDR or CD-RW media using a utility on his or her current system. Note that you have to use the function that burns an existing ISO file to CD, NOT the function that creates a temporary ISO file out of one or more files and burns the temporary file to CD. Applications that can do this include:

  • Nero - How to do it with Nero
  • Freeware utilities - Pick one that supports burning ISO images to CDR or CDRW.
  • On Mac OS X run Disk Utility (from Applications > Utilities) with a blank CD inserted.
    • Select the CD drive from the column on the left
    • Click the "Burn" icon along the top icon bar
    • Select the ISO you want to burn and tell it to go.

GUI applications

  • K3b - probably the most user-friendly CD/DVD burning application for the Linux desktop.
  • XCDRoast
  • Brasero
  • Xfburn

Check the software that comes with your distribution first because it may have a preinstalled application for Burning CD/DVD.

Command line applications

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