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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an FPS from Id Software (Doom, Quake) with single/multi-player capabilities. Dark game based in WWII times, you are an Army ranger that must first escape from imprisonment in Castle Wolfenstein, and when you report your findings to your authorities, you are assigned to return and help stop the creation of a genetically enhanced army being raised to level the allied armies.


You need to download a setup binary to create the base RTCW installation. This will not be a complete install...see the directions in the Install section to complete the installation. Here are some download locations (note, you may need to download the GOTY edition setup file...see install section for details):

3D Gamers


You must have the Retail CD to install RTCW. There are 2 ways to install it, depending on which CD you purchased. If you have the GOTY (game of they year) edition, its much easier. Full directions are at Id's website

Installing from Windows retail CD
If you already have it installed in a Windows partition, you will copy some of the files from there to your RTCW folder in Linux. Otherwise, you can use Wine to run setup.exe in Linux and then get the files from that installation directory.

Installing from GOTY edition
Download and run the GOTY setup file from one of the above links. After you've installed that, you will need to copy some files off of your CD. See above install link for the list of files.

Installing from Mac edition
The Mac version of RTCW also works. The installation method from the GOTY edition works, but you will need to mount the disk using the '-t hfs' option, and copy the files from the "Wolfenstein/Main" directory.

You may be interested in buying an RTCW installer from Tux Games. This will do all the manual work described in the above install document for you.

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