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Linksys Wireless-N Gateway

This chapter describes how to set up an ADSL connection; this example uses a Linksys Wireless-N Gateway, SUSE Linux 11.1 and Deutsche Telekom as the ISP. However, the procedure should be same or similar for all DSL modems and distributions. The Linksys Wireless-N Gateway is a WLAN router with integrated ADSL modem, this article will refer to it as "your DSL modem".

  • Connect your ADSL splitter to your phone box
  • Connect your DSL modem to your ADSL splitter
  • Check that the "DSL" connection light is illuminated
  • Connect your computer via wired network to the DSL modem
  • Assign your computer the IP
ifconfig eth0
  • Use firefox to surf to your DSL modem, IP is
  • Enter the administrator name and password, see the Linksys description if you do not know it
  • Enter your DSL provider's name (e.g. Deutsche Telekom) and your account data in the Linksys' web interface
  • Check that the "Internet" connection light gets illuminated
  • Check your internet connection by surfing the web

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