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re: having the page actually called C++, %2B doesn't seem to work.

what about just making a link to C++ and clicking on it?

answered my own question...

Marcel 21:22, Mar 6, 2004 (EST)

Yeah, there's apparently some thing in the Wiki code that doesn't allow pluses in article titles. It's rather annoying. ugen64 22:42, Mar 11, 2004 (EST)

The following characters are not allowed in page titles:

" # $ * + < > = @ [ ] \ ^ ` { } | ~

Jeremy 23:47, Mar 11, 2004 (EST)

Is it me, or does the History section here seem full of anti-C++ opinion here? Shouldn't these articles to be unbiased? --Deiussum 18:57, Sep 28, 2005 (EDT)

While we don't have quite as strict a NPOV policy as Wikipedia, if you see something that is factually incorrect you should of course correct it. Also feel free to give alternative viewpoints as you see fit. Jeremy 11:23, Sep 29, 2005 (EDT)