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I would suggest organizing the list into: open source, closed source but native, and under emulation. Organize it into genre after that. Crazyeddie 15:25, Jan 22, 2005 (EST)

Sounds like a good plan to me. Jeremy 18:52, Jan 22, 2005 (EST)

SciYro, since you're doing the actual work, it's your call. I don't think the matter is important enough for a vote or consensus poll or whatever. But it might save some time if we sat down and worked out how we want to organize this thing. I think your way might be better than mine. Remember that non-native games have been declared ontopic, provided that the article focuses on getting emulation running. Crazyeddie 16:43, Jan 23, 2005 (EST)

yes, i was planning to put non-native apps into a different page for people to see how well there windows games can be run under some of the windows emulators, as it seemed to me to be a different topic then what games exist for Linux. -- SciYro

Sounds good. Might also be good to have a single page on emulation tips in general, and then break it down into tips for each individual game - either in subsections or seperate articles, depending on length. Crazyeddie 17:42, Jan 23, 2005 (EST)

Could someone who knows the loki games move them over from gaming onto this page?, i cant seem to find any relavent info on them besides they are binary, ported to native linux, and cost money (i cant find any descrition on them at all, nor can i play them to see) -- SciYro

Well, for starters, I'm pretty sure Loki went belly-up a long time ago. That might be why there isn't much information out there. Crazyeddie 12:45, Mar 10, 2005 (EST)

Here's the wikipedia article. Remember to paraphrase. Looks like they went out of business in 2002. They made ports of existing windows games, and did a few things that made the ports run better on Linux. Crazyeddie 12:47, Mar 10, 2005 (EST)

thanks, ill get on bringing those games over to this page then in the next few days. -- SciYro

Problem with specifying the license type is that it can soon become pretty complicated, the 3 options given in the introduction don't cover every case very clearly. Example are both the transport tycoon type games I just added. OpenTTD is Open source, GPL licensed but requires the non-free data files from a official Windows Transport Tycoon Deluxe game. Simutrans has got it's own very non free license, but is [free-as-in-beer]. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to put this info on this list page, I would just keep the license information of the page of the game itself. But if you really want this, maybe only make a difference between Open Source Initiative approved licenses and non-OSI approved licenses (but that still doens't really cover the case when the code is GPL but requires non-free data files to be usefull/playable). --Jor 12:34, Mar 18, 2005 (EST)

this page dosent tell you what license the game is under, only if it costs money, and if its possible to legaly get the source code for self compiling (as some system are not able to run binary programs (rare system setup/difrent platform/etc)) ... for game like OpenTTD use " OSS/$ " as done with games like quake, since its technecoly OSS, but needs non-free data files first -- SciYro

Begin merge with list in "gamming"

I would like to merge this list with the one in gaming, making this the only list. What would need to happen to make this possible, as in, what problems, formating, etc, should be changed. Also, i need input as to keep or remove descriptions on this list, as it stands, they all have descriptions, but some seem unnecessary, should i remove them or keep them?

Go ahead, just do as if this wiki was yours. In the same sense, use the formattings so that is consistent, but that it gives the best result, as of your point of view. Remove the unnecessary descriptions, I have the feeling here are too much (a) descriptions (b) duplicate articles (as gaming).

Also make a redirect from gaming to this article. Also think about linking to the category games. ThorstenStaerk---