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This page is not related to Linux Specifically. It should exist on wikipedia instead. If you wish to list specific groupware programs for Linux, they should go here: Linux_software_equivalent_to_Windows_software. --Sepero 04:54, January 17, 2007 (EST)

good point that I have thought about, too. But, Text editors has also an own article because putting all into applications would make the article just explode. ThorstenStaerk

I don't see a need to limit our content to "Linux". It's more Linux and Open Source related (which is a fairly large net). Any item that may be of interest to the Open Source community would be another way to put it. Does anyone see a reason for anything otherwise? Jeremy 17:45, January 17, 2007 (EST)
I agree in having OSS across the wiki, but "Groupware" is neither specific to Linux or FOSS. That was my gripe, but it was mostly caused by misunderstanding. It should be noted at the first of the page why it exists: to list OSS Groupware. --Sepero 21:45, January 17, 2007 (EST)
Maybe we should redefine the scope of the wiki in the main page and include a note about Open source as a general welcome subject... Currently it is presented as a "Linux knowledge base", or "all things Linux". If in the long run it should mean more participation on the Linux pages we should all be for it. Questynux 22:13, January 17, 2007 (EST)
Added Open Source to the Main_Page. Jeremy 11:30, January 18, 2007 (EST)