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Welcome to my wiki page. I wrote this up rather quickly, because I've never really been a person to endorse myself.

Info about me:

Birth: Dec 19 1979
Location: Florida, USA

I am a long time forum member at and (username Sepero on both). I have strong opinions on FOSS. I am a GNU supporter. I have little respect for *BSD systems because they do not ensure your software freedom in the future. (Don't get me wrong here though, I don't hate *BSD's. I just have little respect for them.) Unlike some users who want to keep Linux some perverted little secret, I want everyone to know about and use Linux. The more people that can be given vendor and software freedom, the more it helps all of us.

Some of my current and past Signatures:

A few people seem to be confused about FOSS, so I'd like to take a moment to set one thing straight...
Linux is not, never was, and will never be, about money!
>> It is about my computer, and 'FREEDOM vs CONTROL'.

"If Apple and Microsoft gave all of their software away for nothing, and Linux cost $50. per distro, I'd still use Linux."

Bookmark the 'Linux Newbie Frequently Asked Questions'

GNU = Freedom, now and Forever!

Microsoft to Linux Equivalent Software

Ubuntu and Mepis (linux for newbies)