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timeout sets a time limit for its subordinate command.

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Not all distributions have this command -- for instance, it's missing in Ubuntu 10.4 by default, but is present in Gentoo as of this writing. --04:33, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

Most (all?) Linux distributions that have this at all incorporate it from the GNU Coreutils: and use its man page

Related Commands

These all relate to running commands in an altered context.

  • chroot - Confine the program to "jail".
  • env - Change variables.
  • nice - Change priority.
  • nohup - Protect from hangups (modem) or network outages.
  • stdbuf - Change buffering of standard I/O filestreams.
  • su - Change user
  • gdb - Run under control of a debugger
  • script - Capture all program output
  • valgrind - Validate program behavior
  • strace - Create a log of system calls.

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