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  • - Provides a large collection of open source software for many platforms. Plus provides free hosting for open source developers.
  • Freshmeat - freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software. Thousands of applications, which are preferably released under an open source license, are meticulously catalogued in the freshmeat database, and links to new applications are added daily.
  • rpmfind - Provides software packaged in RPMs for a variety of distros, with a fast RPM search engine that supports finding individual files within packages, and several mirrors. There are many other RPM search engines as well - RPMfind is probably just the most well-known, in the English-speaking world anyway.
  • - The Linux Documentation Project is a community effort to create a distribution-independant knowledgebase about Linux.
  • LinuxPackages - A source for community-built Slackware packages with many other resources.
  • - A great source for unofficial, backported, and other Debian packages.
  • List of opensource packages or free tools for Linux - A great source for Opensource packages in different categories.
  • - An excellent source for ISOs for your favorite distro.
  • Linux Help - ISOs - Another good source of mirrored ISO images of popular Linux distributions.
  • Nabble Forums - Nabble hosts thousands of technical forums on open source projects. It has a clean UI for browsing and also has a good search.
  • Distrowatch - News about release announcements of Linux distributions and *BSDs.
  • The Linux Kernel Archives - Lists all the latest kernels releases.