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This is me!

Wiki Philosophy

I've argued quite a bit with the wiki admins here, but they've slowly managed to get me to follow some of their formatting guidelines... some of it grudingly.. and it appears that they are no longer militantly nuking my work.. and new wiki software has addressed many of my concerns with the wiki's operability.

I also will write Member Of: Category 1 Category 2 on the top of every page that I can... Who really cares if the maintainers can write? What we care about is if they can Communicate

Contact Information -- it's no longer mine -- sub for
206 334 5925 (WA, USA)
ICQ 2302806
YAHOO incinerated yahoo com
MSN (spam away) I had this well before MS bought it, and I just report everything as spam.

User:AaronPeterson Is this page. I'm also on

User:Aaron Peterson/Alternate Main Page -- a bit out of sync, but has some good ideas.

My Media (brand new, attempting to get it up)