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We seem to be working at cross purposes, but I took the first step at coordinating our work by cross-linking our pages. I think that a permanent solution would be:

  • Jeremy puts links on the Main Page:
  • The above two pages are cross-linked
  • When major topics are added to the proposed main page, they should also be added to the Hierarchical TOC.
  • Some topics should be in the Hierarchical TOC, but not in the Main Page.

TomFrayne - 6/12/04

how the heck does this work?

it doesn't refresh!

It doesn't notifiy me that somebody has sent me a message!

What exactly are your problems? I don't really understand what you meant on my userpage... ugen64 21:04, Mar 12, 2004 (EST) (sign your name with 4 tildes, i.e. ~~~~)

i just dont understand..... whats withg talkimg amd signing?

What don't you understand? On talk pages, you're supposed to sign your name to your comments and separate them - some seem to indent and others use dashes (or alternate).


: ~~~~



---- please show it as an example in your comment thinggie...

????? AaronPeterson 07:50, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

filesystems are spelled filesystems... I borked up.

And what did you mean about this - File_systems?

Digiot 02:53, Mar 15, 2004 (EST)

Please view the MoS and markup. Please don't create links with nothing but titles on them. Please post complete descriptions or howtos (and under the appropriate sorts of articles) rather than cryptic links. Thanks.

Digiot 05:32, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

Aaron, links are case insensitive up to a natural point - you do not need to create two links Software development and software development - the software ignores the case of the first letter in the link. Because of this, can you please create new pages with the case of words other than the first in lowercase, please? Bug Reporting becomes difficult to include in a sentence, whilst Bug reporting, with that feature I just told you about, can be embedded nicely into a sentence and can link to the same page. Thanks Dysprosia 17:43, Apr 1, 2004 (EST)

Dysprosia Why not just change the entire wiki over to case insensitive? It seems unnatural (but usefull) to have the first letter be case insensitive, and everything else be case sensitive... for people who come from wiki's where the primary form of wikiname is WikiName, this is really confusing, maybe worth a note on the main page? AaronPeterson 17:55, Apr 1, 2004 (EST)

You only need 4 tildes to sign, by the way. There are reasons for having case sensitivity. For example, one may want to write about the animal called "gnu" and the project called GNU. Having case insensitivity for this means that one has to have more awkward disambiguation between those two pages. Dysprosia 18:02, Apr 1, 2004 (EST)

I compiled gpm and got my mouse working just for you, Aaron.

    * (diff) (hist) . . Media; 15:59 . . AaronPeterson (Talk) (digiot,
      when you delete stuff, you are hurting the wiki, and... p*ssing on
      the person who wrote it, people don't like that.)

When you make snide comments in your edit summaries accusing *me* of hurting the wiki and 'p*ssing' on the people who contribute, when I volunteer my time and energy to this site and LQ in general because I care about it and the other people involved in it, you actually are pissing on *me* and I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from doing so. All the patience I've had and all the help I've tried to give and I'm pissing on people? If that's the way you take attempts to help and the way you take constructive criticism, you must be having, or are going to have, real problems in this world.

Even if you are going to take such an attitude and make such comments, don't cast yourself as 'hero of the oppressed masses'. Speak for yourself. I haven't heard 'people' saying I've been pissing on them. If they do dislike the actions I take on good faith and criticize them in the same manner, I'm happy to listen and correct my mistakes.

Digiot 00:21, Apr 3, 2004 (EST)

I'll lay off the snide comments when you stop p*ssing on me and my work. snide commend do not harm your work, they are an attempt to defend my work, but I'll also try to make them a bit less snide..

You do harm me when you nuke content. It hurts. I'm trying to express my pain in a way that I can over the wiki.. I would make these snide comments in private if you contacted me with the information that I have provided, but you don't... so I don't see another way to express the pain.

If you show me another way to express the pain that you cuase, let me know.

I don't delete your work, you are using sticks and stones to hurt me, and I am using words... remember the sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? -- so maybe we are pissing on eachother, but your using pee stones of deletion and I'm using pee streams of words. AaronPeterson 22:03, Apr 3, 2004 (EST)

I am not somebody to wade into flame wars, but this is getting ridiculous. This is intended to be a collaborative project to assist new Linux users with the learning process, and allow more experienced users to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it. The nature of the Wiki software and the Creative Commons licence that is applied to its content means that anything that is contributed belongs to everybody - it is not "your" work to be "defended" (as I have seen mentioned in Talk pages and edit descriptions), neither is it group therapy for your emotional issues or a canvas on which to depict your viewpoint to the exclusion of everybody else.

If you have something to contribute regarding Linux then your contributions will of course be welcomed. However if you are not willing to have your work edited (and deleted if it is inappropriate, duplicated, irrelevant, or contrary to the guidelines set out in the help pages) then I would suggest you might be better served by a private website or blog, not this Wiki. In particular, combative comments along the lines of "do not change this article" are most unwelcome as they are liable to discourage potential contributors, and the creation of "Wiki war" pages that serve no purpose other than to vent your spleen is nothing short of trolling. LordK 07:57, Apr 4, 2004 (EDT)


I have not made statements of do not change this content. I said that I would be watching over it to make sure that it gets moved appropriately, and gave some of my ideas of what I think is appropriate. My views of what are appropriate have changed, or at least I have changed the format of my content in attempt to find a compromize.

I have issue with people claiming that things are instantly off topic, and have a rule for my own behavior that says that I will not delete, or move content that I think may be off topic, but is not hurting anything. I want to convince you all that this is a good attitude to take.

I do KNOW that my work is a part of me. I define myself in a way that can be described in many terms. One of those descriptions is in memes and genese

I am more than just my body (genes), I am also my ideas, and the knowledge that I have, and the choices that I make. (memes).

We all put a lot of time into this. We should not go about deleting stuff that isn't hurting the site. It can grow into something that is helping the site.

We can and should move stuff, like instructions for different platforms that have nothing to do with interoperability... wait ... they probably do have something with interoperability...

I would define things that hurt the wiki as: things that are illegal, and things that are missleading.

I would delete porn, I would delete copyrighted material that we don not have permission to use, I would delete (or revert the page) of any links that are changed to,

Most stuff I would just move to the talk page, or, as namespaces seem to be a usefull convention, I would do something like move the page to:

old:Page that didn't really fit

if the page were called Page that didn't really fit

LordK, if you present actuall policies, and courses of behavior, instead of genralities and adjective wishes, I'd get more from your viewpoint. To get out of the rut of, "I'm better" "no i'm better" we need to classify behaviors and find ones that work. I have presented some behavior to try, and have expressed my extreme distaste of deleting first asking questions (if at all) later.

AaronPeterson 23:49, Apr 4, 2004 (EDT)

To quote Digiot by way of response:
It is just enacting principles that were established before you got here and which the community has yet to see fit to change and that you've been told about repeatedly.
In other words, the "actual policies" you request are enshrined in the Manual of Style. If you do not like them, please go on the mailing list and present your case for changing them, rather than powering along on your own crusade and blowing up on anybody who dares to modify your articles.
With reference to "backing up", this is unnecessary since the Wiki software keeps all past revisions in the page history.
LordK 15:08, Apr 5, 2004 (EDT)

Backing up in a way that I didn't see how to get the source from untill recently. I'm going to be a lot more quiet now that I know that restoring pages was not turned off., I appologize(d) to ya'll about that, (in a wiki page, so doing so again if ya didn't catch it) I did go to the list, and I'm keeping my flaming on the Talk:Pages. Many of my points are still valid even though I am flawed, and I am contemplating more acceptable ways to encourage acceptance of the important ones.

Backing up is extra respectful, as it allows the user to very easily get their work back. Changes in format, are especially frustrating.

Merging of page NAMES that are not related (moving content to names that make more sence is good) because the content appears to be the same isnt' cool

I thought I was joining up early, and could help sway things sanely. A bucnch of insanity later I find a more locked down that thought possible on a wiki infrastructure. I know that this is like taking a hammer to a corn startch /water mix (if you haven't tried it it's really cool!) Where the system resists sudden change, but may change over time.

My time scale is unacceptable, and I didn't make it easy for others to see the importance of my points.

Know that I respect you, in a confrontational way, but the way that i personally like. Merciless editing is bad, merciless editing with mercy ;) is good. It's not much more work, and it will pay for itself. -- arg hitting the hammer again,

My biggest concern is addressed, and I'm going to hit content writing again in a bit.

 May our content battle well, hopefully winning the war against ignorance/incapability..

AaronPeterson 14:01, Apr 7, 2004 (EDT)

Aaron - in future, check first to see if a page already exists before creating a new one - this helps prevent the "duplication" of pages and/or material - the brief information you entered on "Screen shot" could quite easily have been incorporated onto the existing "Screenshots" page...... its been merged there, and feel free to add to that page. Skyline 09:34, Apr 9, 2004 (EDT)

Skyline, I did search, and didn't find it, then found that the words are actually one word, and I wasn't at the wiki. So, thanks for the advice, Searching 100 percent accurately is "non trivial", and part of the reason why having wikinames automatically ignore spaces and capitalization can be a great thing. AaronPeterson 03:18, Apr 11, 2004 (EDT)