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This page is a prototype of a Community Commons page. In theory, this page will be locked down as a special page, and pretty-uped with actual html. But for now, feel free to edit it. The purpose of this page is to give a glimpse behind the scenes of the main wiki, and to encourage a feeling of community amongst the contributors. (Not that there isn't plenty already!)

Tourist Information

A counter of how many articles there are total

A link to a list of recent changes, requested articles, etc, in addition to the links from the main page


You can go to our parent site for your Linux questions:


Or talk to your fellow contributors:


Or subscribe to the Wiki's mailing list:


You can also talk with individual contributors on their personal talk page. insert information on how to actually get there

Behind the Scenes

LQWiki:Admin's Log

Despite the name, I don't really expect a "fixed bug foo today". But given that the average contributor has a strong interest in Linux, but might not have much actual real world experience, it might be good if admins could give a look behind the scenes of the wiki, and give the contributors a glimpse of what it's like to be a webadmin/wikiadmin. Assuming of course, they can do this in their, heh, copious spare time. Crazyeddie 00:48, Jun 19, 2004 (EDT)


Who's Who



Notable Contributors

Top Contributors This would be a link to a list of contributors sorted by number of contributions, but this requires a admin or possibly a mod to actually implement.

Oldtimers A list of active contributors, sorted by when the account was activated.