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Purpose: Nominate a page or topic for inclusion in the home page.

Plan: Please post any ideas you have for new sections below. If you are familiar with the conventions used on this wiki, CREATE that page here, and start adding to it. It may then be chosen to be on the main page

If you like, you can list the page on Requests for improvement if you want a page you created to be improved.

See Also: Accepted Section Discussion

Section Discussion has links to dated back ups of the discussions


  • Windows to Linux Migration, Migration guides to help users move to Linux.
  • Software Development , move programming tips and tricks
  • System Administration
  • Kernel
  • Super Set Addition, Functionality, Including:
    • server type stuff
    • desktop type stuff
    • compatibility type stuff
    • Basically, the most commonly used stuff should be on the Main Page
  • Super Set Addition, Journals includes:
    • Articles
    • Discussions
  • Desktop environments
  • Inner Workings
  • Linux Glossary
  • Super Set Addition, News/Featured Items
    • Including select items that the editors choose
  • prototype / alternate table of contents
    • if we can't edit the main page, give us a 2nd level page for doing so
    • Main Page Prototype
  • Subsystems
  • Finding Your Way Around, for an explanation of things that don't seem ever to be explained (from the perspective of an OS migrant)
    • Device Files and their Meaning/DOS equivalent
    • A list of DOS/Windows/WhateverOS commands and their linux equivalent (lots of examples!!)
  • Booting Linux

I have no idea what to make of this page so I'll just ask here: what purpose would that serve? If you have ideas for sections or changes, post them to the LQ Wiki mailing list.

Digiot 05:39, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

Brief Justification

Please put discussion on that idea on that page, or linked to off of that page, or on Section Discussion, or find a better way to do it

A section on Software Development would be super usefull, we all should know how to submit bug reports, search for prexisiting software, and know how to make and apply a patch.. modeled after: http://www.subverted.net/wakka/wakka.php?wakka=SoftwareDevelopment

It would be great if instead of us writing new documentation for each command, the man pages would get integrated and we could build on those instead

Koody 17:40, Mar 9, 2004 (EST)

Discussions Talk

how about "in the court room". issues such as OS software legalities, SCO v. Linux, OS v. *, licensing, etc, but strictly based on a legal view.

danZenie Try: Discussions : Legal Discussions

How about a section on "Storage configuration". I can contribute material on Linux Software RAID, LVM, and possibly material comparing the various supported file systems.
Try: File Systems
or: dual booting : File Systems , or Volume Managers

Texastwister 14:07, Mar 3, 2004 (EST)

Desktop environments talk

Perhaps a section on the best way to install gnome from scratch, with a list of dependency etc would be very useful (to me it would have been anyway). Unfortunately I do not have the expertise/time to do this. Anyone who takes up the buck will have my support.

generic_genus 03:33, Mar 2, 2004 (EST)

Try: Desktop environments : Gnome Installation

Somebody started writing a long FAQ about windows vs linux commands... very cool, I put it here:

Try: Compatibility : Microsoft Windows : Windows to Linux Migration

I'd like to see a section on Hardware Installation that then branched out into things like configuring ALSA or OSS for soundcards or SANE for scanners. Things like that would be helpful, IMHO.

try: Sound : ALSA
and Hardware : Hardware Drivers or Device Drivers
Desktop environments : GUI Hardware Configuration

I would like a section on hardware issues (ie: FuBar DVD writer works with Kernal 2.6.XX and up. Hardware : Hardware Compatibility : 2.6 Hardware Compatibility Kernel : Kernel 2.6 : 2.6 Hardware Compatibility Kenng 18:08, Mar 5, 2004 (EST)

Communication Programs Talk

For all things Jabber, IRC, Gaim, email, et cetera. Fennec 21:59, Mar 5, 2004 (EST)

Would this be better handled from the Applications page? Jeremy 13:47, Mar 7, 2004 (EST)

Try: Applications : Communication Applications and or Try: Applications : IM Applications | Mail Applications | Chat Applications

General Linux Administration Concepts Talk

(Maybe find a better name) Try: System Administration : System Administration Concepts

Please feel free to edit this section as is beneficial= moved it

-- They are quite universal... and covered elsewhere... but we do really need to link to them.

Maybe others see it differently, but I had understood Common Task to be more orientated to the quick HOWTO. Whereas, for example, Networking and Security are hopefully also will bring longstanding knowledge beyond what would be useful or relevant for many HOWTO users.

I'll try to prune down General System Administration with this in mind, and see what you all think. General System Administration or System Administration dircha 22:31, Mar 6, 2004 (EST)

I would like a section documenting the various files on the system. We can't do every bloody file on the system, but we can start with the basic and important ones like /etc/passwd, directories like /etc/xinetd.d/, and all those mysterious files in /proc/. kenng March 12, 2004 (EST)

It already exists. /etc. Proc should be handled elsewhere - perhaps System Information would do. These wouldn't be sections, anyway. If you want to add a subsection, check to make sure the page doesn't already exist and then go right ahead.

Digiot 04:49, Mar 13, 2004 (EST)

Ah, but we couldn't get to it without navigation/links now could we! AaronPeterson 18:15, Apr 1, 2004 (EST)
Aaron, you have given your opinion and I am now asking to keep non-Linux related topics on the mailing list. For the record, if it's related it should be linked in the article or in the See also section. There is also a search. Jeremy 20:13, Apr 1, 2004 (EST)

Wine & Cygwin

I am persuaded that the importance of both will become greater in the future. I will suggest to make special divisions for both oui 15:40, Apr 25, 2005 GMT


This site isn't like the main Wiki site in different languages. I find it bad because a lot of computer users aren't really well educated people and language specialists! To permit a better comprehension of Linux I would propose also for such persons to translate different pages. It would be very usefull to create other languages or to use other international auxiliary languages like "Interlingue", ISO code ie, the language that can be readen without to need to learn it by speakers of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, German and other germanic languages, Russian and other slavic languages, and a lot of other people with good instructions level, or latinists etc. Interlingue is the second language in efficience after English to make knowledge accessible for other and it is regrettable that this spontan readable language don't have more writers..., or/and "Esperanto", ISO code eo, or/and Interlingua, ISO code ia. Interlingua is the same as Interlingue, it successor, but extrem latin oriented also not so good for people of North-Europe and slavic countries; in the time of creation of Interlingua, Latin did have a very different impact in the education as today so that the in the past better successor is now not really better any more as his predecessor... And different world languages like Chinese and Hindi/Urdu, Russian and Indonesian appair to me to be really important! oui 15:35, Apr 25, 2005 GMT

Adding additional languages to the LQ Wiki is something that we have discussed and is on our long term agenda, but at this time we unfortunately don't have the resources to move forward on this. Jeremy 22:02, Apr 26, 2005 (EDT)