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Okay, I think I understand what these pages are for now. aaa's got some nice rules but I only ask for ---- dividers and maybe a ~~~~. I'd appreciate any advice, opinions, corrections, feedback.

Digiot 03:40, Feb 25, 2004 (EST)

Horizontal dividers and Tildes should be sufficient to create readable Talk pages. (nice Unix history)

Skyline 11:50, Feb 25, 2004 (EST)

Thanks. :)

Digiot 20:57, Feb 25, 2004 (EST)

Could you please delete Pi in C so PiC can be moved there in its place? Thanks Dysprosia 17:43, Mar 19, 2004 (EST)

I don't know that it really matters which direction a redirect points. But since its two links against one, I guess it might as well be unanimous.

Digiot 18:20, Mar 19, 2004 (EST)

Thanks for that. It's generally a matter of what looks better, and consistency - for example, "GoodCProgrammingPractice" or "Good C programming practice"... Dysprosia 19:33, Mar 19, 2004 (EST)
I don't understand why people like the first one - I have seen other wikis where this is the norm and to me it looks BizarreAndTotallyUnreadable. LordK 15:01, Apr 5, 2004 (EDT)

woah... if external hyperlinks are not represented as such.. there is something wrong... this wiki has no navigation structure... we need to keep an unobtrusive method of doing so.. i.e. compact, yet descriptive.

We really need back links but that doesn't look like it's going to happen...

We do have back links, click on "What links here". --ThorstenStaerk 19:20, August 14, 2009 (UTC)

If your following the Manual Of Style.. then I can't deal with this wiki, it's worthless to me... because of navigation issues

dude, you say you're ammeture with some computing stuff in your user page... I've been doing wiki's intensly for about 2 years now... we need to have external links shown as such--> full URLs
we are wasting a lot of time doing otherwise

External hyperlinks are represented with remarkable clarity by labelling them 'External links' as per the MoS. The site has a navigation structure of a topical main page and naturally included links, preferably in the main body of the article where actual content is presented and, failing that, in the 'See also' section - again, as per the MoS.

I'm sorry we don't meet your needs. Yes, strangely enough, we do follow the MoS that was worked on by several people and checked out with the community at large prior to adoption. It is still a work in progress. Perhaps one day it will suit you.

Digiot 05:47, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

Nowhere did I say I was new to computing. I suspect I got my first computer before you were born but that's neither here nor there. My computing experience or lack thereof has nothing to do with the fact that I was charged by the owner of this site to help maintain it and I'm trying to do that and to help you out at this Wiki.

Digiot 05:51, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

Amateur. Yes. Amateur does not mean 'new' - it means I do not administer Linux for pay. I do not participate at this site for pay. I do it because I love Linux. Could you please add comments rather than editing them into that single post?

Digiot 05:55, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

The power of the wiki comes from our ability to fix errors... If ya'll wanted a forum, just grab a forum software suite.

The history of the errors is built into the wiki. It stores diffs. If you want to see what I said in haste, go ahead and view the diff... I know that you can see that, so I tagged a little: "I'm sorry" to my note.

(yes, I make mistakes, and many of them are agrevating, but I like to go fix them)

Note, there is nothing that says you are an administrator on this site from what I've seen... I believe you when you say that you are... but note, the "owner" of the wiki has placed the responsibility of maintaining the wiki to us all.

Well, I guess I'd be the "owner" you speak of. While the power of wiki clear is in the ability for all to contribute, we need to have some sort of a standard format to keeps things readable and useful. Note that you do not neccessarily have to enter info into the wiki in the MoS format, but it *will* get changed into that format by someone. Jeremy 11:56, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

I'm sticking to my guns about when to use fully formed links, and when not to. note, it's not worth my time to go back continually and fix pages that get broken, neither is it for you.

Thank you for backing down temporarily on the midi page, we can resume this more civily, and I have other wiki's to work on if you don't want me here. I just know that empty pages well linked to eachother offer way more information to users than full articles with no navigation

Just so you don't think I'm trying to deceive you: LQWiki:Administrators.

I understand that regarding diffs, but Talk pages are a bit different from article pages. (We do already have forum software - LQ.

It's not at all that you're not wanted here. As I say, it's just a different manner of suggesting changes might be helpful. We want all the contributions we can get. It's not a question of whether this formatting or that formatting is right - yours may well be the better option. But until such time as explicitly stated policies (and we have so few that this not restrictive) are explicitly changed, it's best not to go trying to force those changes. That's my main point.

Digiot 06:30, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

wow, you sure protected that markup page fast... but it is asking for fixes! geez.. at least make a clone of all of these protected pages that are editable, and choose from the changes that you like... it looks like you are blocking all changes.

"but note, the "owner" of the wiki has placed the responsibility of maintaining the wiki to us all."

I forgot to comment on this while trying to find links. Your absolutely right and that's an excellent point. But it's all of us together - in discussion rather than conflict. :)

As far as the protection, that was only a temporary move. At that point I wasn't sure where things were going. ;) I agree it's not a casual or helpful thing to do in general.

Digiot 06:34, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

509 332 7697 (WA USA), (IM: ICQ 2302806, )

I need to go to bed, or move along with other projects, feel free to contact me over IM --AaronPeterson

Oh. Okay. I was going to say I'd unprotected the page and was just going to ask that if you see missing things feel free to add them but if you see things you want to explicitly change - in other words, a principle's already been expressed and you want something different - just please post your suggestions on the Talk page or to the mailing list to get a feel for how everybody else feels before making the change.

Take it easy. I'm going to be heading out, too. :)

Digiot 06:40, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

When you redirected Books you effectively deleted the content that was there! can those books be added to the list?

Forking is not bad!!! having similar names is a way to fork!!! If you would have just said See Instead: Linux Books I would have been totally happy... this is an example of nuking a page... even though it didnt' hurt anything! AaronPeterson 22:39, Mar 29, 2004 (EST)

That might be true if there had been any content to delete.

While 'plunging forward' and leaving 'stub pages' is encouraged to an extent, you have to understand that people will be coming here for knowledge. If they click on nothing but a dozen stubs in a row they're going to be rightly annoyed. Similarly, duplication of effort is not good. They don't want to read 16 pages of almost identical content and most of us don't want to write it.

And you can't be carving out your own little kingdom of Aaronland in the continent of LQWiki, Aaron. There is just one LQWiki and we all have to work together on a single collaborative work made up of divergent views. But the point is for those views to converge ultimately in the best Wiki we can make. Not to make a truly 80s Unix-like split of redundancy and incompatibility.

It sounds like you want your own web page rather than a Wiki, but you'll have to do that on your own time and with your own resources and not use this Wiki as a free webhost. Again, this isn't to say you're not welcome and not welcome to express your own opinions. But, as I've said several times, you need to build a consensus behind those opinions, not willfully enact them on your own.

I'm about to go on an editing binge. It is not personal. It is not any 'wiki war'. It is just enacting principles that were established before you got here and which the community has yet to see fit to change and that you've been told about repeatedly.

Digiot 05:01, Mar 30, 2004 (EST)

We are obiously on line at the same time right now, @linuxquestions, we'll make a private chat, I'm MrDarkUser (or some variant there of) or call me 509 332 7697, or IM me, My contact info should be up on this page somewhere, and it's on the list. It's not right to be flaming without actually talking... call me and do a callerid block if you don't trust me, or I'll freakin buy you a phone card and you can use a pay phone.

This excludes everyone else from the conversation. That's why we have the mailing list. Jeremy 13:53, Apr 7, 2004 (EDT)

See the Sysop mailing list for were we're up to  ;) - Sky

Skyline 12:00, Apr 25, 2004 (EDT)

Community Commons

I've set up a prototype "Community Commons" page that you might want to check out. LQWiki:Community Commons I'll eventually send an email to the mailing list about it, but it'll be at least Monday before I do. I guess that gives me time to repent ;-) I also made a prototype Village Pump-style Forum: LQWiki:Forums Crazyeddie 01:45, Jun 19, 2004 (EDT)

Interesting stuff. It may well generate some extra work and it somewhat overlaps some other areas of the site, but I can see how it would be useful. Kind of a mix. I left some more comments on the talk page of the Commons page. --Digiot 19:56, Jun 19, 2004 (EDT)